Yellow Teeth Here Are Some Of The Most Effective Treatments

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your teeth determine the beauty of your smile. Obviously, teeth that are not white don’t help. Even if your teeth show the slightest traces of being yellow, you know that just brushing and following good oral hygiene is not going to be sufficient.

There again, you needn’t get stuck. Thanks to the advancements in medicine, dentists now have quite a few medical tricks up their sleeve to give you the whitest teeth possible. Excited to know what one of the newest treatments to whiten and brighten your teeth?

There are many types of teeth whitening procedures that have been used all over the world to achieve the desired results. But these procedures are classified under two main categories of teeth whitening.

Types of Teeth Whitening Procedures

  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods.
  • In office teeth whitening method.

Just like many other procedures, there are a few prerequisites which need to be considered before opting for any kind of teeth whitening procedure.

Some of the common types of teeth whitening procedures are:

Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening method:

Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening

Over the counter means that you can buy the product from a pharmacy without any kind of prescription. Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods are the cheapest ones.

Some of them are:

  • Toothpastes: Toothpastes are an integral part of your daily regime of brushing. It is essential to brush appropriately twice a day and every day to ensure that the colour of the teeth remains intact.
  • Gel: Whitening gel can achieve desired results to some extent depending on the strength of the gel.
  • Rinses: Rinses or mouthwash contains limited amounts of peroxide which helps in teeth whitening.
  • Pre-Made Whitening Trays: There are also whitening trays which can be bought at stores but they are often uncomfortable due to the size mismatch. Dentist-provided trays are more useful and effective as they are given according to the size of the patient’s smile.
  • Strips: Teeth whitening strips are thin pieces of plastic which are coated in peroxide. The strips need to be attached to the front of the teeth for half an hour everyday for two weeks. These are considered the most effective way of teeth whitening on your own.

In-Office Whitening:

In-Office Whitening

Although At-home care/over-the-counter care has proven to be quite effective as a teeth whitening treatment, it is said that In-Office teeth whitening is easily the most effective way to achieve white teeth as it gives the best results.

In this process of teeth whitening, the dentist uses a much stronger gel which has increased amounts of peroxide. Once it is put in the mouth, the gel breaks out in an hour and makes its way to the stained teeth resulting in white teeth.

In many cases, dentists use high powered lights to make sure that the gel seeps through the teeth more thoroughly resulting in better results. Many dentists also mix At-Home care and In-Office teeth whitening for better and longer lasting results.

Adopting these Teeth Whitening treatments firstly, aims in maintaining a good oral hygiene, secondly makes you feel confident about yourself and lastly it may result in you being less socially awkward in a group of people who maintain oral hygiene or give high importance to it.

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