Wisdom Teeth? Here’s How You Know If It Is Impacted!

You would have often heard people complain about how painful their wisdom teeth are. But, what exactly are they? The last four teeth that come out when you are about 17 to 25 years old are called the wisdom teeth. This set of four teeth, can cause a lot of pain and major harm if not taken care of.

Dental Treatment

When wisdom teeth starts to come out normally, people undergo a pain in their jaws  that lasts for a while. However, the eruption of the wisdom teeth can be problematic if they have certain complications.

Under normal circumstances, your wisdom teeth finds space at the end of your jaws and comes straight upwards aligned with other teeth. A problem arises when the teeth grow slightly either towards the left or right. As our mouth does not have ample space for the wisdom teeth, just imagine how painful it would be if they try to consume more space by growing in the wrong direction.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

A set of impacted wisdom teeth can cause many dental problems, like tooth decay or gum diseases. This results from the difficulty to clean the wisdom tooth. The impacted wisdom tooth is usually removed by dentists because it causes a lot of pain and other dental complications.

How Do You Know That You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Are you experiencing pain in the jaws?
Do your gums feel have swollen?
Check your gums further? Are they tender and bleeding?
How do your jaw look like? Swollen?
Do you have a constant bugging taste in their mouth?
Is opening your mouth becoming difficult?

If you have said to at least three questions, you should consult a good dentist and have your wisdom tooth checked out. In all likelihood, you seem to be suffering from impacted wisdom teeth.

Why Are Your Wisdom Teeth Impacted?

The main cause for a wisdom teeth to get impacted is the limited space in our mouth as explained earlier. An impacted tooth can sometimes grow, but does not break through the gums. It can just grow a little bit as, when we can see the crown, these are the partially impacted teeth. In worst cases, these teeth can grow in certain angles which creates dental problems.

Wisdom Teeth Impacted

Why Should You Consult A Dentist?

Some of the complications that are caused by the impacted wisdom teeth is that they can damage other teeth. Here, the wisdom tooth when erupted in a certain angle towards the other teeth can increase the risk of infecting that area. Formation of cysts, is another issue that comes up if the wisdom tooth is impacted. Here, a sac is developed within the jawbone. The sac forms a cyst with a fluid from the sac further causing damage to the jawbone.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the higher possibilities when there is an impacted wisdom tooth, especially the partially impacted ones. As discussed earlier, this is caused due to the difficulty of cleaning the wisdom teeth. The development of  a painful and inflammatory gums which is known as ‘pericoronitis’ is one of the type of gum disease that the partially grown impacted wisdom tooth causes.

If you experience any pain in the jaws while having other symptoms like, bleeding gums and a swollen jaw, you need to go to your dentist and get your wisdom tooth checked. It is always better if the impacted tooth is identified and removed or treated in its earliest stage. This would save you from undergoing a lot of unwanted pain and prevent many other dental problems that are caused by the impacted wisdom teeth.

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