Toothache? Let’s Understand The Culprits!

Toothache Treatment

We normally tend to undermine the value of things when we have them. And suddenly, when we don’t have them anymore, we wake up and smell the coffee, just to realise how valuable they were.

If you are wondering why I’m being so philosophical, there’s a reason behind it. The many times when you were chomping on that delicious cheesy pizza, or were digging into that bucketful of fried chicken, you wouldn’t have given enough credit to the one thing that’s playing an important role in helping you relish the food – your teeth.

It’s perhaps because of a lack of acknowledgement of the importance of our teeth, that we, many-a-time, skip brushing our teeth before going to bed, or make flossing not mandatory.

People are not able to find the time in their day to day lives which often makes them ignore the most basic tasks of the day.

Keeping the teeth healthy and clean is something everyone should aim for. Prevention has always been better than cure.

It is very important to identify and treat any kind of dental infections before it spreads and affects all the tooth of the person.

Causes of Dental Pain:

Causes of Dental Pain

There are several causes of dental pain or toothache for that matter. It differs from person to person and also their daily lifestyle along with the food they eat.

Some of the major causes of dental pain are:

  • Tooth DecayTooth decay is one of the primary causes of dental pain. A decay in the tooth can be caused by many reasons. The food intake of a person is one of the main factors of tooth decay.
  • Tooth Fracture – Tooth fractures are usually the result of an injury which happens to the jaw line or even the tooth directly. There is severe amount of pain experienced by a person due to fracture of the tooth.
  • Damaged Fillings 
  • Grinding teeth or excessive chewing of gum
  • Infected gums

Among all of these causes, infected gums, excessive chewing of gum are some of the most common causes of dental pain as the occurrence of these are more compared to the other.

Tooth decay and tooth fracture are more serious ailments when compared to the others and need to be paid attention to immediately or else the damage to the teeth eventually become permanent by the day.

Symptoms of Dental Pain:

The symptoms of dental pain or toothache range from person to person and also include some degrees of pain as well.

  • Toothache can be constant, sharp or even throbbing. In many people, the pain arises when pressure is applied to the tooth.
  • Swelling of the tooth.
  • Headache or fever
  • Foul tasting liquid from the tooth which is infected.

It is very important for a person to understand and identify the symptoms of toothache or dental pain at the right time. It only then that it can be rectified immediately. This also helps get adequate toothache treatment from an expert dentist or a reputed dental clinic so that the ache can stop and also measures can be taken to prevent such pain or any kind of dental infection.

About Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri

Dr. Gowtham has done his BDS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2006 and  MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Dr. MGR Medical University in 2010. He is a skilled Endodontist with an experience of over 10 years. Dr. Gowtham is specialized in replacement of teeth, Dental Implants, prosthetics for maxillofacial defects such as artificial eye, ear, nose and orbital defects, Smile Makeovers with laminates, Zirconia, veneers metal free ceramics. He also performs general dental procedures such as restorations and extractions. He also is trained as an International Patient Coordinator.


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