This World Oral Health Awareness Day, Help Your Teeth!

In the world you live in, most people are more bothered about looking good externally, rather than taking care of themselves internally.

We eat bad, hardly sleep, overwork ourselves, overlook health issues but we make sure to spray that deodorant and add that extra touch of lipstick. Why?

Because we take our health for granted.

Do you know, which part of our body we look and overlook on a daily basis? Our mouth.

Overall Health of the Mouth

We brush our teeth but we do not bother about the overall health of the mouth. We hardly go to a dentist and when we do, it is usually too late.

So what can be done, to make sure our mouths are taken care of or at least we are reminded of taking care for it?

World Oral Health Awareness Day.

On the 20th of March, every year, World Oral Health Awareness Day is celebrated. This year, WHO has made a year long campaign all over the world to ensure good oral health for everyone.


This is the slogan and theme for this year’s World Oral Health Awareness Day.

Why World Oral Health Awareness Day?
The world oral health day is celebrated every year as almost as 80% to 90% of the people from across the world have dental health problems, who are in constant denial about their condition. But, once the oral health deteriorates, a lot of time and money is spent on the various types of treatments.

Why cure, when we can prevent?

The World oral Awareness Day helps in spreading awareness about the various oral problems and diseases and the various activities of the day spread awareness about preventing the diseases from happening.

Oral Oncology

It is important to have a healthy mouth along with a healthy body. Overall health is a factor which helps in the well being of a person. Sometimes, people might be generally healthy. But, they may be suffering in the mouth but without knowing about it in most cases. In these circumstances and situations, it would not be fair to term the person as a fully healthy person.

What is achieved?
This day was introduced and celebrated to provide encouragement to the government and the public to promote and understand the importance of oral health. The government however, has not taken too many initiatives to promote about the awareness and the importance of good oral health. So, you can educate the others.

This day was first launched in 2013 by the FDI World Dental Association. The World Oral Health Awareness Day is celebrated by the FDI in association with various dentists, dental students and fitness enthusiasts, who focus on the total health and well being of a person.

There are many objectives which however seem simple to read like you are right now, but difficult to follow.

Brushing twice a day without fail, using a soft brush and a fluoride paste. Cleaning the tongue and the gums as it’s not only the teeth which can be affected with diseases. Not smoking or chewing tobacco as it can cause Oral Cancer. So many simple instructions, yet still so many cases of Oral diseases.

Brushing Twice a Day

So if you value your mouth and its health(You should), visit us or book an appointment at GA Dental where our dentists will take good care of your mouth and can prevent or treat many such oral diseases which we fall prey to. Worse? Our mouths fall prey to. Because of our negligence.

GA Dental, is one of the dental care clinics who, right from its inception has been trying to spread the importance of good oral health. This year the clinic is also going to focus on spreading awareness about the importances of good oral health, in order to bring happiness in the lives of the million of people who are affected by oral health diseases.

About Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri:

Dr. Gowtham has done his BDS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2006 and MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Dr. MGR Medical University in 2010. He is a skilled Endodontist with an experience of over 10 years. Dr. Gowtham is specialized in replacement of teeth, Root Canal, Braces, Dental Implants, prosthetics for maxillofacial defects such as artificial eye, ear, nose and orbital defects, Smile Makeovers with laminates, Zirconia, veneers metal free ceramics. He also performs general dental procedures such as restorations and extractions. He also is trained as an International Patient Coordinator.

About the Clinic:

GA Dental Clinics is a standout amongst the all the famous dental hospitals in Hyderabad, owing to the world class infrastructure it has, and the utility of leading edge technology at the clinic. Besides its unique infrastructure and highly qualified specialists, GA Dental clinic in Hyderabad believes in delivering services at par with global standards.

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