Teeth Stains Causes

Teeth Stains Causes

What Causes Your Teeth To Stain?

It’s not for nothing that children scream: yellow, yellow, dirty fellow.

Think about that and imagine somebody having yellow teeth. You get the feel, right?

Discoloured teeth is a matter of concern because they certainly look unattractive, and make you feel repulsive towards anyone who has. While there’s an array of reasons that cause teeth staining and discolouration, what could have caused you teeth staining could possibly be just one of the reasons listed here.

Read on to know which one’s yours.

Yellow Teeth

Causes of teeth staining: An Understanding

The cause of teeth staining is not always a result of coloured foods and beverages. Certain medications, habits and hormonal changes that come with age play their cards in staining your teeth. To name a few, of these are: Excess fluoride treatments, chewing and smoking tobacco, ageing, and trauma to the teeth.

Based on the severity of the staining and its type, individuals may or may not benefit much from teeth whitening treatments. However, before getting any such teeth whitening treatments done, it’s important that you have realistic expectations and consider a proper consultation with your dentist.

Common causes of teeth staining

Tobacco: Tobacco is one of the worst offenders to your teeth. Chewing of smoking tobacco have not just one, but hundreds of aftermaths that lead to much more serious troubles.

Caffeinated Beverages: Coffee, tea, colas and fizzy drinks are considered to fall under the top culprits for teeth staining as well. Look at the inside of a teacup that hasn’t yet been washed. You have all your doubts cleared.


Staining and build-up of tartar: Other causes include fruit juices rich in pigments (especially grape juice), red, and white wines. Fruits and vegetables that have colouring properties such as blueberries, beetroot etc.

Growing age: Growing older hugely contributes to the teeth turning yellow. Although every person has a different shade with some looking greyish, some have it go greenish, yellow is the most common. The enamel of your teeth has a thin, underlying yellow dentin to show through, which is why teeth appear more yellow as with growing age.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy brings a series of changes in a woman’s body, and are mostly hormonal. The changes can be unexplainable, and teeth staining is one of those problems many women go through.

Menopause: Like there are changes during pregnancy, menopause is another phase in life which all women are bound to face. Like in pregnancy, hormones play a significant role in turning around a lot of changes that take place in the body. Teeth staining for pregnancy and menopause are a more natural phenomenon than the others.

If you feel your teeth are stained too, don’t be upset. You still stand a good chance to make things better for yourself. Speak to your dental expert and get that flash back in your smile!

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