Stainless Smiles On The Way

Stainless Smiles

Your smile has a lot to do with your personality. A bright smile with pearly white teeth is what everyone wants, but if the same smile goes dull, it’s a concern. Now the question is, why is it a concern.

When you have someone with yellow teeth or discoloured teeth smile at you, you’d probably have an opinion that’s not so nice. You might also be struck by the assumption that they are unhygienic, which may not be the reality. There are a few things that usually go unnoticed on a day to day basis, which over time can cause discolouration of teeth.

Consuming too much of caffeinated beverages, smoking/chewing tobacco, and growing age can contribute largely to staining of the teeth. Fluoride deficiency is also a big cause of teeth discoloration, which most of us are unaware of.

Let’s take a quick glance over treatments for teeth stains.

Teeth Stain Removal

Dental treatments for teeth stains involve identifying a set of causes and implementing therapy. Medical treatment for teeth stains can also be warranted, depending on what causes tooth discolouration. Here we shall talk about some of the common treatments for teeth stain removal.

Treatment options include:

Diet and habits: It is important to bring in changes in certain habits that cause teeth staining. Addiction to tobacco usage, or consumption of certain foods that contribute to staining your teeth.

Adopt oral hygiene: 

Using the right toothpaste helps prevent extrinsic teeth staining. In this case, most toothpastes can help. That is because they contain abrasive, anti-tartar agents and tooth-whitening agents.

Professional tooth cleaning and polishing:

Some teeth stains can be removed with tooth cleaning followed by polishing. This treats the teeth externally and needs clean-ups to be done on a regular basis.

Fillings and Restorations:

Teeth which get discolored by dental decay require removal of the decayed material. A teeth cleaning and complete restoration of the decayed teeth restoration is carried out. Tooth fillings are a part of restoring the decayed teeth which also leads to discolouring of the tooth.

Bleaching (tooth whitening):

Bleaching is a relatively easy way to treat stained teeth and is used to treat many types of tooth discolouration. Although there are quite a few home based bleaching treatments, non-vital teeth whitening procedures must strictly be performed as in-office professional procedures.

The route to stainless smiles

As with any dental problem, it becomes important to have a word with your dentist. If you’re troubled with stains on your teeth, you’ve got no worries anymore. Speak you your dental expert now about teeth stain removal and sparkle with with your smile!

About Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri

Dr. Gowtham has done his BDS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2006 and  MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Dr. MGR Medical University in 2010. He is a skilled Endodontist with an experience of over 10 years. Dr. Gowtham is specialized in replacement of teeth, Dental Implants, prosthetics for maxillofacial defects such as artificial eye, ear, nose and orbital defects, Smile Makeovers with laminates, Zirconia, veneers metal free ceramics. He also performs general dental procedures such as restorations and extractions. He also is trained as an International Patient Coordinator.


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