Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment
It is one of the most common treatment undergone in the oral cavity. It relieves the pain and also retains the natural tooth in the oral cavity.

What is a Root canal treatment?

The tooth has two parts – crown and root. The crown constitutes – enamel, dentin, pulp. Root constitutes – cementum, dentin and root canals filled with pulpal tissue. When an infection enters the tooth, it passes through enamel, dentin and reaches the pulp. Inside the pulp, infection reaches the root through root canals and enters the bone below the tooth.
The root canal is removal of all the infection present in the pulp. The sterile, cleaned area in the pulp is sealed and tooth is covered with permanent restoration.
This treatment has to be performed with utmost care and bacteria free instruments, then the perfect sealing of the tooth is possible.

When is the root canal treatment done?

There are a number of conditions that affect the teeth and root canal treatment can relieve the pain. The most common being Dental caries.

1.Dental caries
2.Loss of tooth surface i.e, attrition (it is age associated)
3.Trauma to the tooth (accident)
4.Biting on very hard food that leads to a deep crack in the tooth
5.Abrasion at the lower 1/3 of the tooth
6.Exposure to very high acids on the teeth
7.In cases of bridge placement for missing teeth, in fixed partial denture – the adjacent healthy teeth must undergo root canal treatment before fixing the bridge
8.Teeth that are discoloured since the time of eruption – Root canal is generally done before giving a single or multiple crowns.

How will the root canal specialist assess the need for root canal treatment?

The history and symptoms are the best criteria to assess the need. You must give appropriate history and express the type of pain to your dentist. The appearance of the tooth helps in knowing the depth. Apart from these your dentist will conduct various chair side tests to arrive to a diagnosis. They include transillumination, cold test, hot test, electric pulp test. The most important one is X-rays. The image of the tooth on the X-ray will help in knowing the depth of tooth damage.
Depending on the various factors like amount of tooth damage, presence or absence of pus, condition of the patient. Your dentist will decide on the need for Root canal treatment. Your root canal specialist will also estimate the need number of sittings for the Root canal treatment.

What is done in a root canal treatment in hyderabad?

The primary motive is to remove all the infection in and around the tooth.

Step 1: Your dentist will give injection of local anesthesia to have a painless procedure.The Local anesthesia is given in the first sitting only. Then the caries area is removed with an instrument called aerator.

Step 2: Instruments called as files are used then to clean the pulp cavity. The infected pulp is removed with files and cleaned with lot of preciseness. This step may take 2-3 sittings also sometimes depending upon the amount of infection in the tooth.

Step 3: The pulp cavity and canals are cleaned and shaped to fit the sealing material. Gutta percha is used to seal the pulp canals. This is covered with permanent filling

Your dentist would prescribe you antibiotics (in case of infected tooth) and pain killers during the period of Root canal treatment.

It is important to complete all the visits of root canal treatment in order to assure success of it.

Now a days, single sitting Root canal treatment in Hyderabad can be performed. Though it saves time, it has only few advantages – can be performed in front tooth, can be done with tooth free of infection.

How to protect the Root canal treated tooth?

It is important to undergo all the sittings to completely treat the tooth. The root canal treatment should be followed by placement of crown. The crown will totally seal the cleaned tooth for a very long period of time. Root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad depends on the crown selected.

There are many types of crown available to be used after root canal treatment. The crown is selected based on

1.Type of tooth
2.Amount of chewing to be done on that tooth
3.The affordability of the patient

Generally a well treated tooth and appropriately fixed crown can last for decades without causing discomfort to you. Timely visits to dentist can assure the success of root canal treatment.

What are the complications of root canal treatment?

Sometimes some people may encounter the complications. This may not happen for everyone. The reasons for them to happen are not known. They include:

  • Reinfection of the tooth after some time
  • Some of the infected pulp is left – that causes pain
  • Crown breaks after some period and bacteria enter the tooth again
  • Instrument can break inside the root canal of the tooth

The complications can be dealt when you visit your dentist, at the slightest amount of discomfort.

You must know the details and also take pain killers during the time of root canals. Your nearest dentist will provide you with the best root canal treatment in Hyderabad and a considerably painless sitting can be provided.

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