Missing teeth Treatment in Hyderabad

The worst outcome of negligence in maintaining the health of the teeth is loss of teeth. This results in a gap in the arch. The consequences of missing teeth can be permanent.

What are the causes for missing teeth?

Missing Teeth

There is a number of causes for missing teeth:
1. Tooth is not present since birth
2. Tooth decay
3. A person meets with an accident and loses the tooth
4. Gum infections
5. Tooth fracture
6. Person got it extracted as it was painful

How does the patient know about it?

A significant space in the arch results in a disturbance in the appearance of the face and smile. You may have difficulty in chewing. You may have a problem while speaking especially when front teeth are lost. The problem increases for letters like F,S, V etc.

How does the dentist examine?

Your dentist will record the history of loss of teeth. The amount of gap present is assessed. X rays are taken the check for any unrecognized tooth piece in the bone. The amount of bone present under the area of missing tooth is assessed on the X-ray.

Complications of Missing teeth

If one or more missing teeth persist for a long period of time. It can bear changes that last forever.

  • Change in biting position of upper and lower teeth
  • Change in chewing pattern
  • Movement of the adjacent teeth into the gap
  • A weakening of gums around the gap

What are the treatment options for missing teeth?

There is a wide range of treatment options available. They depend on few factors like.

1. Age of the patient
2. Number of teeth missing
3. Amount of bone present under the missing area
4. The strength of the gums and surrounding teeth
5. Systemic diseases, if any, to the patient
6. Expenses that the patient can afford

Based on the above factors, the available treatment options are Removable partial denture, Complete denture, Fixed Partial denture, Implants, Implant supported overdenture.
Your dentist will correlate and suggest you the best treatment option. You should just consult your dentist as early as possible to avoid the increase in dimensions of gaps.

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