Missing Out Your Front Teeth? Get To Know Your Options

Do you know what makes your smile more beautiful? It’s your teeth, specifically the ones in the front row.

Imagine you have lost one of your teeth from that row, life can be a disaster in the world of social media. All your trending facebook pictures would tremendously come down on popularity and what about the selfies?

You can lose your front teeth due to various reasons. It can be an accident, trauma, and so on.

But all that goes through your mind when you lose the front teeth is to replace them as soon as possible.

So how can you replace it? Get to know your treatment options

What Are The Treatment Options For Missing Front Tooth?

In most of the cases if you have lost your front tooth then you can go for a replacement. Some of the treatment options are:

Dental implants:

Dental Implants

This is the best options to replace a missing front tooth. They are designed to last for long as they are strong and designed to fuse with the bone called osseointegration.

An implant is placed inside your jaw bone and the crown is placed above it. The implants will look and function like your real tooth.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge:

This is another option to fix your front tooth. In this procedure, the bridge consists of a pontic or the crown placed in the middle of the missing tooth and two anchors which are cemented into place. The bridges can give a natural feel and look of real teeth.

Maryland bridge:

Maryland Bridge

This procedure is not done very often but this is an option when it comes to replacing the front teeth. This type of bridge consists of a crown attached in the center and bonded with the adjacent teeth with resin-bond. This procedure can be done supported that the adjacent teeth are healthy. This would look and feel more natural than a denture but when it comes to durability it is not as good as dental implants and fixed bridges.

Removable partial denture:

Removable Partial Denture

The dentures also perform the same function of a resin-bonded bridge and it is durable if taken proper care. A denture like a bridge will not replace the missing tooth so there are possibilities that the adjacent teeth might shift and cause a change in your appearance and affect dental health.

According to the number of missing teeth and the kind of replacement surgery that you prefer the cost will also vary. The loss of front teeth can emotionally keep you away from doing things. At GA Dental clinic we consider that all the teeth are important but front teeth are most important as they are visible. So we are here to make sure that you restore your lost tooth and regain the confidence in your smile.

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