Loss of Gum Tissue

Loss of Gum Tissue

The gums can be considered as a reflection of oral health. They are located at the neck of all the teeth with a scalloped appearance. The margin of gum is located at the cement enamel junction, i.e; the root starts from there. The gums show changes as per age, oral hygiene, systemic conditions.

What are the causes of loss of gum tissue?

The location of the gum margin recedes exposing the root surface of the tooth. This can occur in one tooth or all the teeth may get involved. The common causes are:

  • Infection of the gums
  • Trauma to the gum tissue
  • Age associated

What are the symptoms that patients with infected gums show?

The symptoms vary from person to person. They include sensitivity of the teeth, bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding from gums, deep red colour of gums, food lodges in the gums, pus discharge from gums, loosening of teeth. Most of the you may have pain in the gums but the pain is very mild and that is why it’s neglected many a times.

Sometime if you have awareness over dental health, you can observe mild loss of gum tissue over the tooth and take an early action before the symptoms develop to a higher degree.

How does your dentist diagnose?

Based on the history and symptoms, your dentist will correlate with the appearance of gums. The level of loss of the gum margin is measured. Your dentist uses special instrument called as william’s probe to measure the level of infection in the gums. X-rays will help a lot to know the impact of gum infection on the tooth and surrounding bone.

How to treat the gum infections?

Your dentist will categorise the severity of the gum infection. The treatment would vary from patient to patient. They can include:

1.Cleaning of teeth
2.Deep cleaning
3.Scaling and curettage
4.Flap surgery
5.Laser treatment to gums
6.The level of margins of gum can be restored with Grafts placed, it is done mostly for front teeth.
7.Medication for symptomatic and temporary relief

The suitable treatment to you will be assessed by your dentist. Early attention and good oral hygiene maintenance will help you in having healthy gums.

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