Laser Treatment for Gum Diseases

Laser Treatment for Gum Diseases

Lasers are easily one of the coolest inventions ever made. Red light, targeted reflection.. What’s not to like?

We see lasers somewhere or the other frequently, maybe on some tv shows involving the military or some movies. Even the air guns we had when we were young had lasers on them!

Who knew that from there, high powered lasers can also be used to treat many other diseases and conditions as well right?

Laser Gum Treatment

But yes, they are being used in the medical field, namely in dentistry. We all know that the bacteria in our mouth leads to the buildup of plaque. When the plaque gets into a solid state, it turns into tartar and becomes difficult to eradicate with rinsing or brushing. Laser gum treatments are used in this case to clean the gums and act as gum disease treatment.

Lasers as a Gum disease Treatment:

Two of the most common diseases associated with the gums are Gingivitis and Periodontitis. 

One of the pioneering laser gum treatments is the LANAP which is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure which uses lasers to vaporise and also remove the diseased gum tissue from the mouth. At first, the heat from the laser separates the diseased gum and then the laser is made to fire for the second time to heat the area eventually forming a clot, which cauterises the wound.

Gum Bleeding

This type of gum disease treatment  helps in treating the gum from diseases as well as the surrounding teeth from getting affected with the infection.

Another type of laser gum treatment, is the use of the Periolaser used in LANAP, which has the ability to treat a range of infections by adjusting the settings from its menu and then can be used to specific procedures such as haemostasis, biopsies and implant surgeries.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease: 

When the disease of Gingivitis spreads through bacterial infection, it can result in Periodontitis which causes the gums and bone structure in the mouth to deteriorate.

Now lasers are a part of this gum disease treatment where the lasers are used to scale and during root planning as it improves the effectiveness of the procedure. As an additional advantage, the usage of lasers also decreases the swelling, bleeding and pain during surgery as well.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

In this procedure of laser gum treatment, different wavelengths of the laser are used at different power levels as well to make the surgery safe. If the wavelengths and power levels are not set right, it can be damaging to the gums during procedure.

Most hospitals acquire the equipment from abroad as it is not readily available in the country. Due to this, the laser treatment for gum diseases costs more.

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