How To Keep Up Your Oral Hygiene During Ramzan Things You Need To Know

Ramzan fills the homes and streets with lip-smacking Iftar treats like kebabs, samosas, biryani, nahari, haleem, and others.

During the festive season, you cannot escape from the food temptations at all. So you tend to eat all the wide varieties of food. In the hustle and bustle of festive mood, you might not take proper care of your oral health.

Iftar Treats

The dentist of GA Dental considers that it is crucial to maintaining oral hygiene during fasting, by providing the guidelines for all the dental patients and dental providers.

Is It Okay To Brush, Floss And Use Mouthwash During The Fast?


You can brush and floss thoroughly before going to sleep at night and brushing after Suhoor is also recommended. Brushing twice a day is sufficient to prevent oral diseases.

Some of the patients might not use toothpaste or mouthwashes fearing that they might unknowingly swallow it. In that case you can use the mouthwashes prescribed by your dentists outside fasting hours.

Will Dental Procedure Nullify The Fast?

You may think that local anesthetic will nullify your fast but it is absolutely not. If you are not okay with undergoing dental treatments during fasting, you can consult with your dentist and get your procedures postponed on a suitable day.

What Can You Do If Your Dental Treatments Date Falls During Ramzan?

Getting a dental treatment done during Ramzan does not invalidate the fast. You can very well undergo the procedure. If you are not willing to do so, you can reschedule the dates.

What If You Are Under Oral Medications?

Taking oral medications during the fast will nullify the fast. But it is important to take care of your oral health priority wise. If the oral medications are not taken properly it can worsen the problems. Any dental problem that you may face the fast needs to be treated with medications. It is permissible to break the fast under such conditions.

What Are The Oral Hygiene Tips That People Who Fast Should Follow?  

Oral Hygiene Tips

It is very important to clean your mouth by brushing it after suhoor so that the leftover particles does not lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Make sure that you clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner.

People who use dentures should clean it with cleaning tablets, or else it causes bad breath. Also, use fluoridated toothpaste to prevent cavity formation.

Do not overeat during dinner and try to avoid fried, salty and high sugar foods. High intake of water is recommended. Drink plenty of liquid in the form of juice and soup. Add vegetables and fruits that will help you to keep your teeth healthy.

You should follow these guidelines to have a happy Ramzan as dental problems should not be a hindrance in your fasting. If you have any problems related to your teeth the dentists at GA Dental are here to help you out.


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