Gum Diseases & Its Types – An Overview : Everything you should know.

A Smile. It’s perhaps the most attractive thing about a person. Isn’t it?
But then, many a times, you might feel shy about smiling in front of a lot of people. What could possibly be the reason?

Maybe discoloured teeth, or even tooth decay.
Well these can be the common reasons. However, there’s is another important reason that can add to the discomfort of showing off your smile.
A gum disease.


Now when you think of a gum disease, what is it that strikes you immediately? An infection that has severely affected your gums making it look bad, right?
Well, here’s a brief overview of what it actually is, what are the types and what best you can do about it.

What is a gum disease, and what causes it?
A gum disease refers to the inflammation and infection that develops in the gum tissues and the bones which support the teeth. Dentists term it as a periodontal disease. It starts with excess plaque getting deposited between the teeth, which is not cleaned properly. Plaque contains a lot of bacteria which feed on the sugars that are released from the food you eat. The bacteria further produces harmful toxins that turns into a hardened build up tartar or calculus over a period of time, which irritate the gums. This irritation results in inflammation, swelling and sensitivity of the gums. Eventually it also causes gum bleeding and tooth loss if the infection becomes severe.

Gum Bleeding

How to know if you have a periodontal disease?

Do you have pink and firm gums? If you do, then you have nothing to worry about. Because healthy gums tightly hold your teeth and are light pink in colour. However, if you notice a change in the colour of your gums, you must take a close look at it. Here are the symptoms of having a gum disease.

– Reddish and swollen gums

– Increased sensitivity and bleeding

Bad breath

– Darkened gums

– Pus formation in the gums

– Wobbly and loose teeth

– Weak and distorted bite

To clear a small doubt, sometimes your gums can bleed due to over brushing and you might also have a dark shade of gums. If you have doubts you can always speak to your dentist or visit us at GA Dental Clinics and get you gums checked. However, if you feel there’s something going wrong with your gums, the best thing to do is to visit your dentist at the earliest. Because, prevention is always better that cure. You can keep yourself safe from different types of gum diseases and the complications that they can lead to.

So, let’s go ahead and take a glance at the types of gum diseases.

There are mainly two types of gum diseases:

Gingivitis – Gingivitis is the mild form of a gum disease where the soft tissues of the gums are affected, resulting in swelling and sensitivity.

Types of Gum Diseases

Periodontitis – Periodontitis involves the gum and bone tissues under the gums (that support the teeth) getting infected. This causes the teeth to become loose, and can also result in tooth loss if left unattended and untreated.

Both these types can further scale up to various other conditions. Let’s take a quick read of the extended types of gum diseases.

Periodontal Abscess – The gingival tissue is infected from inside forming abscesses. It appears like a shiny swelling with loose teeth and pains on touch.

Chronic Periodontitis – Chronic periodontitis is a a progressed version of gingivitis which affects the gum and bone tissues from within. It is usually identifiable in X-rays and needs to be treated as early as possible. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease

Gingival Recession – If you can see the root of your tooth, it means your gum tissue has started receding. This usually occurs because of over and aggressive brushing. This also makes your aesthetic appearance unpleasant.

Perio-endo Lesion – In some cases, if there is an infection in the pulp of your tooth, it can spread to the gingiva. Also, if there is an infection in the gum and tooth bone tissues it can further infect the pulp. This condition is usually addressed with a combination of endodontic and periodontic treatment.

So, If the you find the above conditions familiar, and are experiencing similar symptoms mentioned in this article, you’ve got to get that treated in time. At GA Dental Clinic, we have a dedicated team of periodontists and endodontists who work to help you get back your healthy smiles back. So, feel free to call or write to us with your queries.

About Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri:

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