Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge

Teeth do not possess the regenerative ability found in most other tissues. Therefore, once enamel or dentin is lost as a result of caries, trauma, or wear, restorative materials must be used to reestablish form and function.

Teeth require preparation to receive restorations, and these preparations must be based on fundamental principles from which basic criteria can be developed to help in predicting the success of dental treatment.

What are fixed dentures?

Do you have a loose denture that bothers you and restricts what you can eat? Is it difficult for you to eat and speak like you used to? Dentures can be fixed permanently in just one day using a cost effective and stable number of dental implants to locate your dentures onto. A full upper or lower jaw of beautiful teeth can be yours using only a few implants in the lower and upper jaw.

Who does this?

Fixed dentures are done by Prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are specialist dentists who have undertaken training recognized by academic institutions in this field. Fixed prosthodontics can be used to restore single or multiple teeth, spanning areas where teeth have been lost.

In general, the main advantages of fixed prosthodontics when compared to direct restorations is the superior strength when used in large restorations, and the ability to create an aesthetic looking tooth.
As with any dental restoration, principles used to determine the appropriate restoration involves consideration of the materials to be used, extent of tooth destruction, orientation and location of tooth, and condition of neighboring teeth.

Today’s well-educated, discerning patients enjoy a multitude of choices and options for permanent tooth replacement devices know as fixed dental prosthetics, or permanent crowns and bridges.
Fixed prosthetic systems have advanced through material science and dental medicine technology to the point where patients have many excellent, innovative options from which to choose.

They secure long-lasting anchorage

These new options and technical advances now afford fixed dental prosthetic patients with a secure, biocompatible, long-lasting and esthetic anchor for replacement teeth. These innovations in design and material science can be used for a single unit tooth restoration, for multiple anchors to hold a fixed bridge, or as anchor fixtures to hold hybrid metal frames on which complete or partial permanent or removable dentures are attached.

Fixed dental prosthesis is advancing:

Recent dental prosthetic developments have seen the metal under-casting framework replaced by a zirconium porcelain core structure. This stronger types of porcelain allows for the layering of finer porcelain veneers on the outer layers to create a more translucent, life-like appearance. The greater strength of zirconium porcelain permits the fabrication of multiples unit all-porcelain fixed bridges.

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