Different Types of Dentures And How to Find the Best Fit

Patients often come to find the solution to their missing teeth. Some have partial teeth missing, while some unfortunately have all of them missing. There are multiple options for those who wish to replace their teeth with some form of artificial teeth or through the use of implants.

Use of Implants

The dentists could help out with the choice between dentures or implants, depending on the patient’s teeth conditions, affordability and convenience. Dentures are more or an old, trusted form of replacements for missing teeth and are very useful for patients.

The only difference between those two is that dentures are more of removable replacements for those missing teeth. There are two main categories when it comes to dentures, with partial and complete ones as options depending on the condition and number of teeth missing. Which dentures would suit any given patient is more of the dentist’s call as well as the patient’s affordability factor. To simplify it further, we have a list of most common dentures types, to primarily know which one would fit the patient fine.

Partial Denture

Partial Denture
As the name suggests, these are a portable kind of dentures. When the patient has some of their natural teeth still intact, this type of dentures is used to cover up the missing ones. The primary function of partial dentures apart from covering the missing teeth is to prevent the other remaining ones from moving any further. A pink coloured base comes attached to the metal piece, and patients can remove or apply these dentures as per their convenience.

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures
Many patients have their entire teeth missing, and this is where full dentures come into play. The dentist, while applying these dentures usually removes/extracts the remaining teeth, and after about 8-12 weeks of that procedure, the dentures are placed. They are placed on top of the gums and are typically a great alternative to dental bridges. A patient can make use of immediate dentures before the complete dentures are placed.

Custom Dentures

Custom Dentures
This kind of dentures is prepared based on actual patient requirements, mainly to give a pleasant smile. Custom dentures are usually made from expensive teeth, and a patient will be able to see and make further changes to it after it is prepared. This one gives the patient a more natural looking feel but could prove to be expensive.

Implant support
In this type, the dentures are placed using an implant to support it. Usually, these implants are made of titanium for its sturdiness and its non-reactivity in the gum area. These dentures look natural and last for a more extended period than most dentures.

Snap Dentures
Snap dentures are by far the most effective ones as well as quite popular among patients. The dentists insert implants or anchors on existing teeth, and this holds these dentures firmly in place. Additionally, there are receptors on the tissue sides of the implants which help in keeping the dentures firmly. These dentures are partial and easily removable at any given point.

Economic Dentures

Economic Dentures
Economic dentures are by far the most cost-effective ones. Part of it being cheap is that their appearance does look fake and not recommended for the long term. Additionally, they are neither comfortable nor do they fit in securely. Dentists often use adhesives to fit these into the patient’s mouths.

While many patients are wary of dentures for its insecure style compared to dental implants; dentures are a secure option, but not necessarily for the long-term future. Dentist’s suggestions and mainly the conditions of the patient’s teeth derive the type of denture required. In many cases patients often lean towards the cost-effectiveness factor, which leads patients to opt for a more insecure option which may not look real or natural at the end of the procedure.

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