Dental Implant Supported Bridges: An Overview

A dental implant is a built-in titanium post, which resembles a tooth root. This implant is surgically placed under the gums into the jawbone that is surgically positioned allowing the dentist to mount the replacement teeth or bridge into that specific area.

Dental Implant

An implant, unlike a denture, would not come loose out of its position once placed. Dental implants additionally will not disrupt with the oral health of the patient, as it need not be anchored to the other teeth like bridges.

What is an implant supported bridge?

The big difference between an implant supported bridge and a typical dental bridge is that the dental bridge is usually built with the support of natural teeth, while an implant would not need that support. In most procedures, where an implant supported bridge is used, for each missing tooth, one implant is placed in the jawbone. Then when the crowns are connected to each other, it forms into one single piece and something like a bridge.

Implant Supported Bridge

Benefits of Dental implant supported bridges:

  • It restores your lost smile
  • Helps in regaining the ability to speak and chew food properly.
  • Does not disrupt the shape of your face.
  • The force exerted while chewing or biting would become normal again as there are no more missing teeth.
  • Holds position and helps prevent other teeth from drifting out of place.

When does dentist use an implant-supported dental bridge?

A dentist would usually suggest the idea of using a dental bridge supported by implants when more than one teeth are missing. Implants could also be used for a single missing tooth, but the dentist will more likely rule out an implant procedure for the same, as the chances of putting too much pressure on one single implant are high. More the burden on individual implants, the more chances of it getting loose from its position creating complications. Contrastingly, an implant supported bridge reduces the pressure on the implants placed in the bone.

Implant-supported Dental Bridge

Although, to successfully place implant supported bridge the patient’s natural teeth and gums, where the implant is supposed to be set must be in good health. If that is not the case, dentists can build a supporting bone using bone augmentation method or grafting. The last procedure takes place as a pre-implant procedure.

What is the process?

There are multiple factors on which the process of placing implant-supported dental bridges depend. Ideally, it takes about five months to set implants on the lower parts and about seven months for the upper ones. This time frame is inclusive of the surgeries required as well as the placement of implant-supported bridges. In the case that the bone needs to be built, the process may take more than a year’s time to complete. However, many dentists are equipped to place the implants and crown in a single sitting.

Usually, there are two surgeries involved in the process, to place and prepare the implant.

Two surgeries usually are needed to place and prepare the implant. During the first surgery, the implant is situated in the jaw and covered with gum tissue. The dentist then waits three to six months. At the end of the healing period, a second surgery is done to expose the implant so that the bridge can be placed.

Implant Placement 

Dental implants which look like screws or cylinders are first placed into the jaw of the patient. The implants and the bone are then allowed to bond together, so they form anchors, and this happens in the next two to six months after placing the implants into the jaw. The dentist will provide with a temporary teeth cover over those implants.

Once the foundations are set and in place, the dentist will then move to executing the second step of the process; which involves uncovering the implants to attach attachments. These are also known as temporary healing caps, which more or less complete the foundation on which the new teeth are to be placed. Following the conclusion of this step, the gums will be allowed a few weeks to heal completely.

Finally, after those are set in place, the dentist will create bridges or replacement teeth and attached to the implants. These implants are designed as per the patient’s requirements and will fit well with the design of your natural dental structure.

Dental Bridges

These steps mentioned above are not the only way this procedure could be completed. As every case is different, the dentist could sometime choose to combine these steps if the conditions permit. In the end, however, it all depended on the dental health of the patient and based on which the dentist’s suggestions.

Dentists and patients alike were so reliant on non-implant based dental bridges, which even a today are a dangerous option. But with the emergence of technology and modern dentistry science, the new age replacement for those dental bridges are those supported using implants. Implants are designed to give a great foundation that could probably last a lifetime, and the patient can enjoy or go about living life as if they never lost a teeth.

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