Crooked teeth

Crooked Teeth

The 32teeth in your oral cavity are meant to be straight and in alignment but that may not be true in every person. Some teeth may show twisting, overlapping, crowding. They are all commonly called as crooked teeth. The commonly affected teeth are lower front teeth.

What are the causes for crooked teeth?

1. Disorderly arrangement of teeth can run in families
2. Some children can have small sized jaws with normal sized teeth
3. Presence of extra tooth
4. When the primary i.e. milk tooth remains for very long time without shedding. It can affect the future permanent tooth that erupts late in the form of crowding
5. Presence of adverse habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting
6. Gum infections

What problems does it cause?

1. It affects the appearance of the person.
2. Speech can alter
3. The crowded teeth provide surface for food lodgement creating gum infection i.e; gingivitis.
4. There is increased amount of stains on the teeth as cleaning is difficult for you.
5. The long term affect is improper bite development.

How to diagnose the crooked teeth?

Your timely observation is the key to detect them. Adverse habits in children even after 4years of age should be observed by you and the dentist should be consulted. Dentist will check and take the concerned X-rays and quote the exact cause.

How to treat the crooked teeth?

  • If only one tooth is twisted, appropriate oral hygiene practises must be taken to prevent gum infections.
  • If more than one tooth shows crowding / overlapping, the dentist will consult the orthodontist for a permanent solution. For most cases, braces may be necessary to treat the patient.
  • If gum infections result in crooked teeth in adults, dentist will rule out the cause, provide treatment such that the problem won’t worsen.
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