Composite Filling

Composite Filling

The ultimate goal when going to the dentist is to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Thanks to improvements within the dental field, an alternative to amalgam or a silver filling is now available. It is a Composite filling also known as a white filling. The filling achieves the same goal as a silver filling by protecting the tooth and replacing the decaying or infected area, but appears more natural and offers greater benefits.

What is a Composite Filling?

White fillings are made of a synthetic composite resin (plastic) material that is used to replace tooth structure damaged or destroyed by dental caries (cavities) or trauma. It is a simple procedure where the cavity is removed and then the composite is placed in the tooth. It is cured by a light and then shaped to replicate the groves and valleys of a natural tooth.

White or Silver? Choose the Right Filling Material for You

There are a variety of different materials that can be used for filling teeth. In this article, I will only address the two most common filling materials, which are amalgam and composite resin.
Amalgam fillings are more commonly known as silver or mercury fillings. They are made up of silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury.

Composite resin fillings are more commonly known as white fillings, tooth-colored fillings, and direct veneers.

Getting a Composite Resin Filling

There are several similarities between the process of receiving a composite resin filling and an amalgam filling. Just like when you get an amalgam filling that is on the edge of one tooth that touches another, the dentist will need to place a band around the tooth and a wedge between the two teeth. The main difference in this part is that the band is a clear band instead of metal. This allows the curing light (mentioned below) to shine through the band since the light can’t pass through metal.

You need to determine why you got a cavity in the first place, and decide how to fix it. There’s probably something you can do to prevent future cavities. Making changes to your diet and oral hygiene habits now can prevent the need for future filings.

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