Chin Discrepancy

There are many people with a chin discrepancy. Its commonly present but not known. There are some people who are very conscious and they notice it.
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Many human body parts undergo development with bilateral symmetry. This implies that the right and left sides can be divided into identical mirror images. However, due to biological factors inherent to processes of development as well as environmental disturbances, perfect bilateral symmetry is rarely found.
An asymmetrical or imbalanced chin can cause the face to look off-centered when viewed from the front.

What is chin discrepancy?

Any changes related to abnormal development of the chin can lead to its discrepancy.In some instances it could be receded,while in some it may be protruded. This affects the overall appearance of the individual.

What are the causes?

The discrepancy is of two types – Developmental or Pathological
1. It is genetic
2. Sometimes there is no reason
3. It is associated with syndromes
4. Sometimes the muscles on both the sides may be uneven
5. Pathological include many disease conditions:

  • They decrease in a small period of time
  • They can arise from
  • Tumors
  • Tooth infections
  • Accidents

What are the symptoms you might face ???

  • In case of mild asymmetry – they are not even noticeable. If the patient is very self conscious, he/she can undergo treatment.
  • Depending upon the part affected – it might affect in minor decline in movements
  • In case of syndromes, the severity varies as per the syndrome.
  • The temporary swellings give rise to pain, pus discharge, sometimes fever. They need immediate attention.

How to diagnose?

Your dentist will examine the head and the intra oral structures to assess the cause of asymmetry. Skull X rays will be taken. A detailed discussion above the effect of it on normal lifestyle and the pros and cons of treatment would be discussed.

What is the care to be taken?

Your dentist would refer you to an orthodontist or oral surgeon.
In case you want to opt for surgical treatments, the entire medical history must be disclosed. The surgeon must cross check with the medical history so that treatment goes without complication.

Treatment options:

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