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Cavities Causes Toothache

Food is delicious. Whether you are a picky eater or a big foodie, you have your favourites. Unfortunately, more often than not, the foods you like to eat, are the ones which cause the most harm.

The foods which charm your tongue erodes your teeth. All of you have some idea of what causes cavities in our teeth. Yes, they are the fast foods and the aerated drinks. But did you know even bread can cause cavities in our teeth?

What Causes Cavities

It’s sometimes difficult to remember what is bad for your teeth or what causes cavities. This is why, instead of listing down a number of foods which you should avoid, it’s easier to know which types of food cause harm to your teeth.

Here is a list of various types of foods that you might like to avoid if you wish to prevent cavities.

  • Foods with high-sugar content: Ask a little child, “What causes cavities?” Even she will say, “Candies!” Sugar from foods and drinks are the leading cause of cavities across the world. Even baby formula has been found to be causing cavities. When you eat cakes, candies, syrups, sauces, etc. you probably intake more sugar in a few bites than your daily requirement. To prevent cavities, we need to limit the intake of candies and rinse your mouth every time you eat something that contains sugar.
  • Acidic foods: The bacteria in your teeth feeds on sugar and turns them into acid which causes cavities. Now, the last thing you want to do is put extra acid on your teeth. This is why, you should avoid alcohols and sour foods like limes, pickles etc. This does not mean that you stop eating tomatoes and lemons – these foods have other health benefits. But, make sure that your foods are not highly concentrated and rinse thoroughly after eating.
  • Starchy foods: You might know starchy foods by the name ‘carbs’ which you try to avoid for a healthy weight. Well, now you have got another reason. The problem with avoiding carbohydrate is that they are often a big part of our food habits. Unfortunately, your staples like rice, bread, potato etc. are nothing but mounds of carbohydrates. They not only feed you, but also feed the bacteria which lives and builds on your tartar or plaque. And as you already know, plaque causes cavities.
  • Sticky or Chewy food: Fruits are good for your health but not the dried ones. The problem with sticky or chewy foods like caramel, chewing gum etc. is that the sugar from them takes an effort to wash out. You will certainly need to floss. Chewing or munching all day long causes cavities.
  • Hard Foods: When you bite on a hard candy or an ice or an un-popped corn etc. you are gradually damaging your enamel (the white layer over your teeth which protects the teeth nerves). This makes it easier for the bacteria to go deeper and hence, it causes cavities.
  • Extreme Temperature: Just like hard foods, foods which are extremely hot or cold like ice cream or a steaming coffee, can destroy the enamel.
  • Alcohol and Caffeine: Alcohol and caffeine dries out your mouth. The same holds good for aerated drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks. Saliva is your best protection against cavities. When you have a dry mouth, this protection is compromised. So, whenever you intake such substances, make sure to drink a lot of water alongside to prevent cavities.

Foods That Cause Cavities

Now that you know what causes cavities, you also know what to avoid. But, one thing you must not avoid at any cost is visiting a dental clinic. Just like your overall health is a priority, similarly, your oral health also should be important. At GA Dental Clinic, we focus on your dental well being, so that nothing stops you from smiling or eating what you like!

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